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Bentley SUV optimistic - car manufacturer Bentley optimistic in looking to the coming fiscal year. British car manufacturer country of origin is very eager to raise the level of sales in the market. Bentley"s own target to achieve record sales of 20,000 units in 2020. This high sales record even achieve twice the results obtained in 2013 ago. Well can Bentley to achieve these ambitious targets?

bentley optimistic stared 2015

Bentley not only set a target just because they are now being focused in order to boost sales figures to a maximum. Bentley will also be ready to reproduce the newest car models so that people will be more choice when they want to buy the car made by Bentley. Premium quality products coupled with after sales service is good enough to make Bentley has a good reputation in the eyes of society.

Launch Bentley"s CEO, Wolfgang Duerheimer explain to members of the media if Bentley is ready to realize the target in 2020. Bentley has prepared a special strategy to achieve sales targets. According to the strategic plan made Bentley will make square off early to reach 15,000 units in 2018. In the last five years alone in just a short period of Bentley yelah managed to remove a total of 11,000 units worldwide. The results of these fantastic sales turnover of the company has increased to 1.68 billion euros. Bentley ready to add the total turnover be doubled from the previous results ever obtained.

"Sales, profits, and turnover will automatically go up as the new target set," said Duerheimer.

Bentley is now being under the auspices of the Volkswagen Group and now is trying to launch the best SUV. In the near future it is predicted there will be some new SUV models from Bentley that you can take home in the automotive market. Bentley will also invite artists such as Cindy Crawford in promoting their products and impressive if the user is a typical Bentley executives. Read also recall Honda City 2004 Special Car Businessman From Alfa Romeo.
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