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6 Secrets Make Mitsubishi Mirage More and Save Money

6 Secrets Make Mitsubishi Mirage More and Save Money
  Mitsubishi Mirage is known as a city car with the concept of "New Compact Smart City Car". With the performance of a 3-cylinder MIVEC engine technology with a capacity 1.193cc, and supported the CVT transmission makes Mirage able to consume more fuel efficient. It has been proven by racers, journalists and consumers since the Mirage was launched in 2012 ago.

Proof for the sake of proving accurately have been implemented since the vehicle was introduced, among others, by testing by Hiroshi Masuoka, Legend Rally Dakar in Bali late 2012, with fantastic figures posted iritnya Mitsubishi Mirage with 24,20Km / liter which was passed by the Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia.

Testing was continued through the show Mirage Eco Fun Drive I in 2013. Where, through the calculation of the MID, racer Rifat Sungkar successfully posted 27,4Km / liter on the way around Jakarta.

To get the fuel consumption more efficient when driving Mirage, there are 6 things that must be considered by the rider. "Mitsubishi Mirage is a city car that is fuel efficient. But, we can get a more economical fuel consumption by six secret anymore," said Rifat to participants Mirage Eco Fun Drive 2 in Jakarta, (23/11) yesterday.

According to Rifat, the driving style "Eco Driving" there are several factors that must be considered such as:

1. Always maintain emotional stability in driving.

2. Keep the RPM rev the engine in ideal conditions, ie between 1500-2000

3. pressing the gas pedal at the right time, which is when the ramp and release it in the condition of the derivative

4. Each will perform start / on time will run the vehicle, the engine turns to ride with


5. Position the air conditioning temperature at the right temperature. Placement at the bottom temperature conditions AC / overcool

it will add to the work machine.
6. Position the air circulation system on entry and exit system. Although the smell from outside the vehicle can be entered, but the wind from the front can inhibit the rate because it is not channeled.
Secrets are revealed Rifat was practiced by Budi Heryanto with automatic transmission Mirage managed to score 21,83Km / liter at the Mirage Eco Fun Drive vol 2. "I have always maintained between 1500-2000 RPM, and use the air conditioner with a temperature of 25-30 degrees," Budi call.
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